Gabbie's Custom Pontiac GTO Hot Wheels

Every once in awhile we come across some cool things. Here is just another example of what you can find while scouring around Instagram.

This custom Hot Wheels GTO was done up by @gabbiesgarage 

We did reach out to Gabbie to see if he could send us some full size images of the GTO he made. He was gracious to take some exclusive photos for us and send them our way. 

We also asked him what got him started on doing these custom Hot Wheels

He said "Well, I've caught the car craze at a young age, and growing up I've always had a keen interest customizing them."

"I guess, growing up watching all those 'pimp my ride' episodes does have its benefits.

That being said, I started customizing Hot Wheels during the lockdown, last year. My wife and I were thinking of starting hobbies of our own, to kill the boredom, and the passion took over from there."

"I do enjoy taking a stock, out of the box hot wheel and making it something unique and one of the kind.

At the moment i'm customizing Hot Wheels, but I am thinking of venturing into scale modeling as well. - Hopefully a GTO! Stay tuned!"

Watch how he built it here:

If you want to check out more of his custom Hot Wheel builds, make sure you follow him on YouTube here: 

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