The 700hp Pontiac G8 Mom Car

Who needs a minivan when you can have a supercharged sedan with an attitude?

When the time comes, and for most, it certainly will, you may have to put aside the coupes, convertibles, and other sporty offerings to opt for something far more utilitarian to scoot the kids to and from school and make those dreaded Costco runs. A sedan, for example, grants the sort of space you might need and fortunately, there are cars like the Pontiac G8 that make that transition far more interesting.


Famous Last Words

Back in August of 2015, Jess Tello picked up this 2009 GT model as a means of transportation but was well aware of its potential. She states, “I was looking for something to be a bit fast already for a good foundation - have some fun, nothing crazy.” That’s what everyone says, but once the mods start rolling in, that outlook usually changes in rather short order.

Giving the car a more aggressive look started with a Maverick Man coilover kit to find a proper ride height and dramatically improve handling.

The inverted mono-tube design and 32-step damper adjustment allowed Tello to dial in the exact look and feel she was after.

The factory wheels were of course ditched and Tello chose a set of Stance SF07

that measure 20x10.5 in the rear and 9-inches of width up front, wrapped in Falken Ziex in 295/30 and 255/35, respectively.

Peek behind the spokes and you’ll no doubt recognize the 4-piston CTSV calipers.


Those in the know will spot the Holden badging and GXP rear bumper diffuser,

while even oblivious bystanders can’t help but spot the 4-in. raised center portion of the Maverick Man Carbon Fiber Cowl Hood that knocks off over 19lbs. compared to the stock panel, while adding an air of aggression to the sedan’s front half.


Heavy Breathing

Under the sculpted hood you’ll find a TVS2650 supercharger

fed by a one-off 4.5-in. intake, with exhaling duties handled by a set of SLP long-tube headers, Corsa cat back and soon to be upgraded to X-force bi-modal mufflers.

The trunnion upgrade that you’d expect is in fact in place and CTSV lifters were swapped in, while the factory cam was pulled for a BTR stage II blower stick. Fuel Injector Clinic’s 1,100cc units and a DSX Tuning auxiliary fuel set up take cues from HP Tuners’ management system to what Tello estimates is around 700hp currently, with power transferred through a Camaro 3.45 rear diff.

Inside, you’ll find an immaculate, completely factory interior.

Tello adds, “I would like to make it a full-blown racecar one day – seats pulled, roll cage, etc., but we have 3 daughters and for now, it’s my mom car, haha!” And no, the kids are NEVER late for practice.


Bright Future

Like we said before, once the upgrades begin, it’s a slippery slope and the result is usually more mods with thoughts of what’s possible.

Add to that some track time and the to-do list just keeps growing. “We just kept building and adding on, wanting the faster numbers at the track. Someone will always be faster than you, but I want my personal best for me and not anyone else,”

Tello notes. The future looks bright for this G8 enthusiast, and it seems as though she’s been an influence, as well. “Our oldest daughter wants to start racing so I may pass the G8 down to her when she’s ready.” Teach ‘em young.

Car:  2009 Pontiac G8 GT

Owner:  Jess Tello

Instagram:  @G8JESS


Engine L76 stock block; Mellings high-volume oil pump; BoostDistrict TVS2650 superhcarger; custom 4.5-in. intake; Xforce bi-modal mufflers; SLP long tube headers; BTR stage II blower cam, valve springs, bronze trunnion upgrade, pushrods; CTSV R lifters; DSX Tuning auxiliary fuel system, flex fuel kit; 1,100cc Fuel Injector Clinic injectors; HP Tuners management

Drivetrain Camaro 3.45 rear differential swap

Suspension Maverick Man inverted mono-tube coilovers

Braking CTSV 4-piston calipers; stainless front/rear brake lines

Wheels & Tires Stance SF07 20x9 +35 front, 20x10.5 +45 rear; Falken 255/35 front, 295/30 rear

Exterior Bells Autosports respray; Maverick Man carbon fiber cowl hood; GXP rear diffuser; Holden badges



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