Supercharged 860whp 2015 Chevy SS


From excessive tire shine to excessive tire smoke!

Spend enough time in the car show scene and eventually, you might end up yearning for more. The constant detailing, tip toeing to and from venues in an effort to avoid damage, and those long days that keep your build static for upwards of 8 hours or more can become more labor than love.

Chris Moffatt, owner of this deep red Chevy SS knows all about those long hours and as a result, he’s found a new avenue to direct his automotive obsession.

Having built a Toyota Camry that was able to sit at ground level thanks to its custom air suspension,

and a widebody Kia Stinger, both of which were displayed regularly,

Chris was ready for something completely different.  He adds, “I thought I should move on to a different platform to make good power and get out of the car show scene.”

Based on his previous projects, a Honda or Nissan might’ve seemed like a natural choice but instead he picked up this 2015 SS. “I bought this car back in June of 2021,” he recalls. “It belonged to my buddy’s dad.”

With no real plan of attack, Chris began researching what sort of options were on the table. “I started to do some homework on what I could do to the car and realized I could give it ALL the power. I went into Cordes Performance two weeks after I bought it.”

When it arrived at Cordes Performance, the only change that had been made at that point was a Borla cat-back exhaust system and a baseline dyno revealed 355whp. Going over multiple options, Chris and Cordes agreed that an upper 600hp car would be the goal.

Of course, when you start spitballin’ ideas, initial plans can head in a completely different direction and in Chris’ case, that meant a full build. Out came the long block to ditch the factory slugs and pistons for a CP Pistons and Callies rod combo while up top, a BTR stage II cam backed by a TSP spring kit was brought in. The original Borla exhaust remained, now fitted to a set of American Racing Headers.

The factory injectors were swapped out for ID1300s, fed by Fore Innovations’ triple 450 kit. That huge increase in fuel and stout bottom end were included in the build to handle a Magnuson 2650. The Eaton-based blower helps bring power output up to 860 at the wheels, with 760 lbs.-ft. of torque – well beyond that original power goal that seems like a distant memory now.

With the power equation handled, Chris worked on the exterior of the car. Based on his previous stint in the car show world, you might expect a wild makeover but instead, he’s maintained a clean, sleek appearance. The red you see is actually KPMF’s red/black iridescent vinyl, and the only other body mod is the Maverick Man Carbon Fiber Vented Hood.

The lightweight piece that requires no modification weighs in under that of the aluminum factory hood, and uses an integrated center vent that allows unwanted heat to escape.

Catch Chris on the road and the unique color might catch your eye, while the Malibu trunk badging might throw you off for a moment.

Spot the car at a standstill, however, and the 305/45 MT Streets wrapped around Forgestar F14s out back should be enough of a red flag.

Now content with his decision to dive into V8 performance and move away from the car show scene, Chris isn’t resting on his laurels by any means.

He adds, “next thing we’re going to add is a Circle D converter, Dooley trans, and move from an 8-rib to a 10-rib so we can continue to turn this car up!”

Chris Moffatt’s 2015 Chevy SS

Instagram handle @AZCHEVYSS


Engine Mods CP pistons; Callies rods; BTR stage II cam; TSP spring kit, Fore Innovations triple 450 kit; ID1300 injectors; Magnuson 2650 supercharger; CPR 4.5-in. intake; 1 7/8 ARH headers; Borla axle-back exhaust


Power Output 860whp/760tq


Suspension King SL front, SLHD rear springs


Wheels/Tires Forgestar F14 18x8 +15 front, 17x10 +45 rear; Continental Extreme Contact 255/35-18 front; 305/45-17 Mickey Thompson ET Street SS rear


Outside red/black iredescent wrap from KPMF; Maverick Man carbon fiber hood


Inside Aeroforce Interceptor gauge; AFX2 wideband


Thanks Biggest shout out to Cordes Performance Racing and his team for doing the build and for the insane amount of support and help they have given me with my first V8 build.



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