1:18th Scale Pontiac GTO taken to the limits of custom!

We've seen a lot of cool things but this feature takes the cake! 

Some of you might have seen this Pontiac GTO owned by Brandon Newsom before.

But we know what might interest you even more, is this replica 1:18th scale diecast of Brandon's GTO! 

Sure we have seen a diecast cars before, however what caught our eye about this particular diecast was the detail, matching likeness of Brandons real GTO and most of all, the replica Maverick Man Carbon Parts!

The Maverick Man Carbon Cowl Hood.

The Front Carbon Fiber Splitter

The Rear Maverick Man Carbon Spoiler, Diffuser and personalized "NSTYGTO" license plate.

We were told that the original wheels from the stock 17s  were reworked by adding some aluminum and paint after he sanded them down smooth to achieve the S71 Weld Wheels look.

Custom done by Johann Locke from Eugene Veldtman for Brandon as a gift, it looks like it started as an Autoworld "Car and Driver" Barbados 1:18th scale GTO like this. 

Which ended up being something totally custom!

For example to make the Maverick Man Carbon 1:18th scale Cowl Hood,  Johann took the original hood from 2004 diecast model and built up using bondo and made the cowl to match the exact shape of real Maverick Man Carbon Cowl Hood and then carbon weaved wrapped it.  We were told Johann did the hood 12 times before he was happy with it!  We must say we appreciate the effort to make it look like the real thing! 

and we can't have a GTO without a Maverick Man Carbon Diffuser! 

Johann cut out the diecast and made the bumper match the 05/06 models as it was a single outlet exhaust bumper. 

Then made a mold 3d printing the actual Maverick Man Carbon diffuser before he carbon weaved it so it matched 100% to the real thing. Then added a dual exhaust to look like the magnaflow exhaust on Brandon's real GTO. 

Check out the slotted rotors!

We were told that the original wheels from the original 17s wheels on the diecast were reworked by adding some aluminum and paint after he sanded them down smooth to achieve the S71 Weld Wheels look.

But it does not stop there! To top it off Johann made a 1:64th scale from a Hot Wheels GTO for Brandon too! 

According to Brandon "... this probably one of the coolest gifts i've ever gotten"  We are sure it is and that there are many more details to point out on both these pieces of artwork made by Johann.  All we can say is "Damn nice work!" We just think we need to hire Johann for some custom work here! lol! 

Brandon and Johann keep up the good work and make us GTO owners proud! 


Custom Die Cast: Johann Locke

Brandon Newson - Instagram: @nstygto


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Charles Young

Charles Young

Hello, my name is Charles cousin of mine has a GTO and I seen you customize on my would like to see I’m getting a price. Thank you.

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