2015 Chevy SS Takes the Patient Approach to Finding Four-digit Power

2015 Chevy SS Takes the Patient Approach to Finding Four-digit Power

High-powered, mirrored turbo 6.0L SS is the result of seven years of careful planning and experienced building.


More often than not, when someone buys a new project car and heads down that bumpy road of modifications and little chance of turning back, the vehicle’s previous owner is none the wiser. Once the deal is complete and the keys handed over, the seller typically has no interest in what’s become of their old car.   



For Andrew Carroll, his purchase of this 2015 Chevy SS not only piqued the interest of the guy he bought it from, but the two have kept in touch ever since the vehicle traded hands in 2018. “He enjoys seeing the progression and that it’s been taken care of,” Andrew says. Years later, there’s plenty to talk about with a laundry list of changes, mostly under the hood, that’ve given the sedan a whole new lease on life.



Enjoying time in the car’s factory, untouched state was short-lived with just three jaunts behind the wheel before it was tucked away for its first winter with Andrew. During the hibernation, he purchased a new set of headers, an intake, and a full stock stall cam kit.



Once Spring of 2019 rolled around, the car and its new upgrades were taken straight to Nextgen where a solid 430hp and 405 lb-ft. of torque were realized. For the next four years, those changes were enough to keep Andrew completely satisfied and, as he puts it, he enjoyed every second of it.


As fun as the car had been in all that time, Andrew couldn’t shake the idea of one day owning a turbo build. Ideas eventually turned into in-depth conversations with Bob at Nextgen and what was originally going to be a single turbo set up became a twin turbo plan of attack. “We decided on a twin turbo SBE build,” he says. “Shortly after that decision, I decided while the motor was out, I might as well swap the block for peace of mind and more power.”



A Gen IV 6.0L iron block built by FastTime Motorworks made its way into the bay with the addition of an ATI damper and Melling oil pump. Under the covers you’ll find BTR valve springs and pushrods, a CHE trunnion upgrade, and Morel lifters. The stars of the show remain tucked out of sight as a pair of Comp Turbo 65/67 oil-less units are nestled neatly beneath the surface, attached to NextGen ceramic coated headers.



The mirrored turbos, squeezed in between a tubular subframe, see their charge air cooled by a massive intercooler that fills the SS’ entire lower grill opening.



If the rows of cooling power wasn’t enough to project the car’s true inner workings, then the Turbosmart blow-off valve and dual waste gates provide an unmistakable auditory announcement.



Still, even with the smiling grill and the assorted “snorts and whistles” that accompany his arrival, few are expecting power numbers to eclipse four-digits the way Andrew’s build has.



All that power isn’t going to play nicely with the drivetrain currently in place and that fact isn’t lost on Andrew who is already set to make some big changes. “In the next couple of months, we’re doing a total overhaul on the rear end,” he adds. “We’ll be doing a ZL1 differential, 1,500hp DSS axles, one-piece driveshaft, BMR rear end goodies, and Solid bushings. Also, we’re swapping the 6L80 for a 6L90.”



Dodging the factory lines was never in the cards as Andrew keeps things clean and consistent with the car’s aesthetic. Just below the huge intercooler sits a Maverick Man 2014-15 Carbon Fiber Front Lip which traces the lower part of the bumper, adding pronounced angles while bringing the front end down a few inches.




In the rear, a Carbon Fiber Spoiler, also from Maverick Man, sits atop the trunk lid.



The car’s finish is immaculate, much of it credited to Elusive Car Care’s multi-step paint correction and ceramic coating that provides as much luster as it does protection.



Wheel and tire selection is based on his needs for the day and currently Andrew might choose his 18-inch Billet Specialties Winlites with Mickey Thomson Sportsmans up front,



and 17-inch versions out back, wrapped in 305/45 ET Street R 



and locked in with Monster Lug Nuts



Or he might opt for 19-inch Ace Alloy AFF 11s and Mickeys on the front half, with wider Ace Alloy in the rear carrying Toyo R888R.



Eibach lowering springs bring the front down slightly, while a set of Lowering Springs help with any launch activities.



The unique turbo set up has proven itself both powerful and reliable, as he notes, “Here we are, over a year later and 5k miles in, and she is just a rocket ship!



Content with the car’s clean look and with extensive drivetrain upgrades just around the corner, rest assured this Chevy SS and its owner aren’t parting ways anytime soon.



2015 Chevy SS

Owner Andrew Carroll

Instagram @that_twinturbo_SS


Engine FastTime Motorworks built Gen IV 6.0 370CI iron block; ATI super damper; Melling oil pump; LS2 timing chain, LS9 head gaskets; JP billet adjustable roller timing chain; Nextgen Built Performance custom spec twin turbo cam, ceramic coated headers; BTR valve springs, pushrods; CHE trunnion upgrade; Morel lifters; Twin Comp Turbo 65/67 mirrored CTR oil-less turbos; Turbosmart blow-off valve, waste gates; 1,200hp intercooler, custom power coated piping; Magnaflow mufflers w/custom 3-inch exhaust, straight pipes; QTP exhaust cut outs; Fore lv4 triple fuel pump, billet fuel rails, FIC 1,650 injectors; FC3 controller with Hobbs switch and circuit breaker; Flex fuel sensor; Lingenfelter 2-step


Power 1061hp, 965tq


Transmission stock 6L80 transmission; Circle D Pro Billet 258mm triple disk clutch; 40K transmission cooler


Suspension Eibach lowering springs (front); LSHD springs (rear); Tubular subframe


Braking EBC “red stuff” brake pads


Wheels & Tires Billet Specialties Winlites 18x5, 17x10; Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R 26x6, ET Street R 305/45-17

Ace Alloy AFF11 19x8.5, 19x10;; Mickey Thompson 245/35-19, Toyo R888R 285/35-19


Exterior Elusive Car Care paint correction, ceramic coating; Maverick Man Carbon Fiber 14/15 front lip, rear spoiler


Interior GoFastBits G Force boost controller; Bluetooth OBD2 phone reader


Thank You Nextgen Built Performance – Bob, Nick, and Tommy; Maverick Man Carbon – the only shop to buy carbon parts from; Elusive Car Care – Chris always making Sonya look beautiful


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